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Since 1994 we have provided financial management in a true family office environment for hundreds of America’s wealthy individuals and families.

Financial Convergence

We align four essential elements: Planning, Legacy, Oversight and Asset Management—in an effort to help our clients realize a return on wealth beyond investment performance alone.

The Pinnacle of Wealth Management

The Family Office structure maximizes trust, transparency, and customization. It’s the choice of the world’s wealthiest families.


2016—Convergent ranks #4 in Top High-Net-Worth Advisors

~ Wealth Management Magazine

Selected as Best Private Client Investment Platform – Client Service - 2013

~ Private Asset Management

2015—Convergent ranks #14 in Top 100 Wealth Managers Nationally

~ Forbes

2014—Advisor ranked in top 20 on list of nation's top 100 Independent Wealth Advisors

~ Barrons

Selected as Best RIA for High Net Worth Advisory – 2015

~ Private Asset Management
Building a Legacy


In this guide, we offer our suggestions for turning estate planning into a chance to pass on values—not just assets—to the next generation and beyond. Read full article here

Dave Kahn on CNBC Asia | June 2015

Why the Fed will hike rates in September

David Kahn, Managing Director of Convergent Wealth Advisors, says housing and strong employment data is strong enough proof that the Fed will take action this year.

The Keys to Investment Success

Investing success is built upon having a disciplined, unemotional plan that leverages the value of time. Find out how this success can apply to you!

Read the blog here: The Keys to Investment Success

David Kahn on CNBC | March 2015

CLOSING BELL EXCHANGE | Pro: Buyer on weakness
CNBC’s Bob Pisani and David Kahn, Managing Director at Convergent Wealth Advisors, look at the day’s market action. Kahn says it is a buy the dip environment.
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Dave Kahn on CNBC | December 2014

US 'Animal Spirits' Alive & Well
Managing Director Dave Kahn explains his optimism on the U.S. economy on the back of recent strong data.
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