The Financial Family Office – the pinnacle of wealth management

About Us

Since our founding in 1994 as a single family office (SFO) for a Washington D.C. family, we have grown into a specialized family office for multiple families and individuals nationwide. Today, we focus entirely on the financial management and wealth planning needs of our clients. That’s why we are known as The Financial Family Office™ (FFO) and why, hundreds of wealthy families have trusted us to provide the highest form of financial management service for present and future generations.


Our mission is to go beyond investment performance alone to deliver a higher-level return on wealth for every client. We do it by aligning financial assets and tools across their entire wealth enterprise in a way that only a true family office approach can.  We call such alignment financial convergence Our process brings together four essential elements of financial management—Planning, Legacy, Oversight, and Asset Management—leveraging each one to deliver maximum advantage for individuals, families, and the generations that follow.

In practice, convergence is tailored to each client’s individual goals, values, and family mission. For some, the experience involves initiating a legacy of philanthropy for the next generation; for others we focus on enabling a unique lifestyle or generational planning to promote long term peace of mind. Regardless, most clients agree these essential elements facilitate a higher level benefit that only seamless financial alignment can provide.



For generations, affluent families and individuals around the world have taken a universal step toward the exclusive and customizable services of a family office, moving away from the large, institutional financial firms. To a unique degree, the family office offers:

  • Trust. Our advisors sit on the same side of the table with clients. We seek to achieve maximum value-add by establishing close client-advisor relationships built on unconditional trust. As a fiduciary, Convergent can always be depended upon to put clients’ interests first.
  • 360 Degree Picture. We specialize in a 360 degree perspective of each client’s mission, preferences, and family circumstances in order to plan, activate, and sustain results.
  • Customization. We are designed to cater exclusively and effectively to the needs and preferences of unique clients. Likewise, we are built and staffed to deliver the most individualized solutions.
  • Convergence. Ultimately, the most impactful return on wealth comes when all critical financial assets and tools are aligned and work in concert toward a singular set of goals. Convergence is the engine of the most effective and comprehensive financial management.

For all of these reasons, the family office is considered the pinnacle of wealth management.



  • Serve clients nationally (current clients in 31 states)
  • Average UHNW client account is ~$43.4 million*
  • Approximately 55 employees*
  • Owned by RBC Holdco, USA
  • Advisor to more than 200 wealthy families



  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Humility
  • Teamwork/Relationships
  • Service
  • Curiosity
  • Excellence