For the best possible return on wealth, we work to achieve CONVERGENCE of the FOUR ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS of financial management:

An ongoing summary of all assets, ownership, balance sheet construction, cash flows, asset allocation, risk management, tax review and more. It takes into account lifestyle goals and provides a comprehensive summary of the family’s critical financial elements, creating a complete roadmap of where you’re going.

A continuous discretionary management of the family’s investment portfolio based on specific objectives for asset allocation. We select the managers and continually analyze performance across the entire wealth enterprise, using full open architecture.

A comprehensive focus on trusts, estate planning, philanthropic planning, measuring impact, designing mission statements, considering next generation preparedness and more.

A continuous non-discretionary monitoring of assets, allocations, portfolio construction, investment policies, cash flows, fees and services with respect to stated goals and benchmarks. Here we act as Chief Investment Officer, continually monitoring external advisors and managers, and ensuring alignment with all family objectives.