Convergent urges bond investors to do the right thing—at the right time

Firm advises on managing the risks of fixed income investing.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a recent fixed income investing primer, Convergent Wealth Advisors alerts investors to the approaching challenges and potential troubles ahead for bond investors. As stated by Douglas Wolford, president and COO, “Whether fixed income investors are seeking safety or income, potential dangers are around the corner. Your ‘safe money’ may not be so safe after all.” 

In comments to clients and advisors, John Workman, Convergent’s chief investment strategist, spoke of the challenges the individual fixed income investor is having reaching their return objectives during this historically low yielding time period. Mr. Workman explained that bondholders could feel some of the pain of 2008 again—but this time in what many investors consider their ‘safe’ money. He emphasized that fixed income investing can be risky—especially when interest rates start to rise, and especially at a time where the yield cushion is so thin.

Mr. Workman concluded by saying, “Given current prices, equities have a much higher likelihood of generating returns near historic norms, while that is mathematically impossible for investment grade bonds. We believe that an underweight in fixed income is likely a good strategic stance for the next few years.”

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