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April 15, 2014
In past blogs I've spent time talking about cyber-risks on the Internet, but what about the risks in our physical world? We still have many assets, such as documents and possessions, that are not yet digital, and they deserve just as much attention and protection as our virtual assets . . . perhaps... read more
April 14, 2014
Make no mistake, we are long-term investors. In our opinion, developing and adhering to a strategic allocation policy are key determinants to achieving investment goals. That being said, there are environments when a dynamic approach to asset allocation, rather than relying solely on static models... read more
April 10, 2014
Sorry, this piece isn’t about what it might sound like it’s about. “Investments of passion” are typically high-quality, collectible or luxury items that you are passionate about—typically antiques, fine wine, sports and historical memorabilia, timepieces, vintage automobiles . . .  and much more.... read more
April 8, 2014
Equity markets reacted swiftly and negatively to new Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen’s first press conference. The culprit? Yellen made the first official comment from the Fed regarding when ultra-low short-term interest rates may begin to rise (six months after the end of Fed tapering—or spring of... read more
April 3, 2014
Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Will – A Real Life Tutorial  Tragedy struck on February 2, 2014 when Philip Seymour Hoffman, a celebrated actor, unexpectedly died at the age of 46. Hoffman was survived by three minor children, ages 10, 7 and 5, and his long-term girlfriend, Mimi O’Donnell. His estate has... read more
April 2, 2014
Even the rocky rollout of is likely to be a mere tremor compared to the larger and more profound tectonic shifts that will change the old, familiar landscape of healthcare in the United States—for the rest of our lifetimes. And the impact of these changes on your wealth—and wealth... read more
March 11, 2014
U.S. stock markets are celebrating their five-year anniversary of the credit crisis lows (the S&P 500 bottomed out on March 9, 2009) by hitting record highs. But emerging market stocks are facing difficulties, leading many to question whether it makes sense to invest in those regions. Our... read more
March 6, 2014
When a client of Convergent Wealth Advisors receives their performance report, our hope is that the document helps to tell a story. From the very broad to the very specific, the performance report is meant to give our clients an idea of how their portfolio has performed at every level-from the... read more
March 5, 2014
Virginia’s Technology Corridor Keeps Growing I didn’t see any tears, but the emotion was undeniable. Mach 37 has graduated its first start-ups. For those not familiar with the organization, Mach 37 is the Center for Innovative Technology’s (CIT) cyber security accelerator. Four companies presented... read more
February 11, 2014
If 2013 was a boom for stocks, January was a blip. The S&P 500 posted its first monthly loss since August of last year, and worst month since May of 2012. A stock market correction (if this even formally turns into one) is usually uncomfortable and to some degree unavoidable for active... read more
February 5, 2014
Think bigger before you create your irrevocable trust.  Clear intentions. Stellar execution. Poor results. What happens when “good” beneficiaries of an irrevocable trust turn “bad?” And, is there anything a grantor (typically a parent) can do to help or change identified beneficiaries after the... read more
January 31, 2014
The beginning of a new calendar year brings hope for a better life. This is the time of year where we all reflect on where we are in life and vow to improve ourselves. The goal for all is to simply identify the problem (my belt is shrinking) and implement a solution (eat better, exercise more, or... read more