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July 1, 2015
The reality of a Greek default is not unprecedented. In fact, a person has a better chance of experiencing a Greek default in their lifetime than being struck by lightning. Including 2012, Greece has defaulted on its debt six times in the last 200 years (1826, 1843, 1860, 1894, 1932 and 2012), and... read more
June 30, 2015
How do you preserve family wealth across multiple generations? It’s not easy—it takes work. Sustaining a financial legacy can be a surprisingly complicated task, fraught with emotion and difficult decisions. More resources don’t necessarily ease the burden either. Often, greater wealth means even... read more
June 8, 2015
  Much attention was placed on the recent Commerce Department report showing that the U.S. economy shrank in the first quarter. While worrisome on the surface, as quarterly contractions are rare during expansions, a deeper look suggests this might not be a harbinger of a protracted slowdown or... read more
June 2, 2015
Much has been written about human frailties and their propensity to undermine investment success (some by me1). Sam Ro’s Business Insider article “If you missed the rally, then you probably just made the most classic mistake in investing” does a nice job summarizing data to support the notion that... read more
May 20, 2015
When it comes to investing, it's not what you make but what you keep (post fees/taxes) that counts. And while fees can get heavy, taxes are by far the private investors' greatest expense. For those who do not pay strict attention to tax-efficiency when constructing portfolios or making investment... read more
May 7, 2015
Life is unpredictable—at least that much we can predict! The best laid plans can turn on a dime due to many factors including weather, health, timing or just plain old luck (good or bad). Anyone trying to make a connecting flight through Chicago in the winter can certainly relate to the fickle... read more
April 17, 2015
A few major themes have been driving equity markets as of late—energy prices, currencies, and monetary policy. It should come as little surprise that these themes are intertwined, perhaps more closely than many realize. Daily gyrations in oil prices continue to impact stocks, even though WTI Crude... read more
March 26, 2015
Should a U.S. investor hedge their foreign currency exposure? To properly answer this question, we need to make a couple determinations. Hedging the currency should either result in a positive impact on returns, or reduced volatility of the portfolio thereby increasing the overall risk-adjusted... read more
March 23, 2015
I was recently asked to participate on a panel—Working With Business Executive Clients—at the Invest In Women Conference . This panel will discuss financial and estate planning needs of high net worth women executives. In thinking about this topic, I decided to revisit a chapter I wrote for a book... read more
March 10, 2015
A Bull Can Run, But For How Long? The equity bull market is celebrating its sixth birthday since the S&P 500's March 9th, 2009 closing low of 676 (the intraday bottom was a more inexplicable level of 666). Since that credit-crisis trough, the index has more than tripled in price. The tech-heavy... read more
February 10, 2015
Markets have gotten a bit choppy as of late, with big swings in oil prices and interest rates causing investor angst. Worries about European deflation, Greek disruptions, the Federal Reserve's shifting stance, and the potentially negative impact of a strong U.S. dollar on multinational company... read more
January 12, 2015
2014 is in the books, marking the sixth year of the economic recovery and stock market rally off the credit crisis lows. U.S. stocks continued to enjoy the benefits of Federal Reserve accommodation, positive economic growth, low interest rates, muted inflation, and healthy corporate balance sheets... read more