Due Diligence


At Convergent, manager due diligence isn't just confined to the selection stage — it’s an ongoing process.

Our Investment Strategy Group is a seasoned group of research professionals that remains in frequent contact with each of our approved managers, gathering and analyzing data to determine whether or not each manager remains an attractive investment. With our clients’ portfolio objectives in mind, we analyze the impact market changes may have on the manager’s strategy or how changes within the manager’s business may affect our clients’ investments.

Formal due diligence is performed on our approximately 200 recommended investment managers and working files are kept for more than 3,000 managers. In addition to formal due diligence process, additional due diligence is performed based on a number of factors, including the amount of money we have with the manager, the complexity of the strategy, and the frequency and transparency of manager communications. Because we place such high importance on maintaining a transparent operation ourselves, we expect the same of the managers with whom we invest.