High Net Worth Tax Planning


With experts in tax-efficient investment planning for high net worth individuals, Convergent Wealth Advisors appreciates the importance of protecting your portfolio with tax-efficient decisions during every stage of the investment process.

There are many strategies that may be appropriate for high net worth tax planning. We may decide to strategically incorporate tax-enhanced index funds into your portfolio. We may choose professionals who believe in holding concentrated portfolios and/or low portfolio turnover to manage your investments. We may continually look for tax-loss harvesting opportunities designed to further increase your portfolio's tax effectiveness. Or, we may place your investments into entities for estate planning and wealth transfer purposes that seek to ensure as much of your irreplaceable capital as possible is passed on to your family or your charity—and not to the IRS. Whatever the decision, Convergent Wealth works to ensure a unique investment plan and tax-efficient strategy that’s right for you and your family.